CMS ProStaff

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Our quality customer care program consists of the following:

Forecasting Your Needs

CMS Professional Staffing, Inc. understands the importance of having proper staff at all times, even with last minute call-ins. Whether you need a medical professional in a month, or you needed one two hours ago when the shift started, don't hesitate to contact us. We can accommodate all of your requests, from 8 hour shifts to 12 hour shifts or any other variation that you may need. We're here to help you!

Online Scheduling

Medical professionals are able to view existing schedules put in their availability, and input their credentialing information. Facilities are able to view the medical professionals and their shifts assigned to their facility. These technologies save time and promote continuity of care.

Available 24 Hours A Day

We are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, and 365 days per year to fill any staffing needs you may have or answer any questions you may have. After business hours you will be patched directly to the On-call staff to assist you with your needs.

30 Minute Fill Policy

A staffing coordinator will call you within 30 minutes to notify you as to whether CMS Professional Staffing, Inc. is able to fulfill your staffing needs. In the event your needs haven't been filled CMS Professional Staffing, Inc. will continue to work diligently on those needs and remain in constant communication with the facilities that are in need.

Competitive Rates

CMS Professional Staffing, Inc. takes pride in being very competitive in its rates.

Medical Professionals

CMS Professional Staffing, Inc. specializes in RN, LPN, EMT, CNA and RT professionals along with a variety of other disciplines. Each of our medical professionals go through an extensive screening process.