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General Information

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you became a nurse or medical professional?

In your profession, have you come to the realization that it is truly not about the patient or even the well-deserved pay?

These are the reasons many people go into health professions; to help others and to make a decent living.

In today's world of healthcare it is hard to stay focused on why you became a medical professional because facilities have tied your hands behind your back, giving more paperwork, more patients, more hours, less assistance, less money, and less time off.

This is why more medical professionals (mainly nurses) are leaving the profession each year than there are new professionals graduating from school to replace them.

It's time to get back to who you are!

Contact CMS to see how you can re-gain your professional independence and get back to doing what you love doing, helping people and making the money!

CMS Professional Staffing, Inc. is a service-oriented business that specializes in providing medical staff relief services to healthcare facilities. As a professional in the healthcare industry you can understand why someone would like to work with us. Whether you are interested in nearly doubling your income or simply wanting to supplement your income, CMS Professional Staffing, Inc. has the answers for you. The benefits are endless.

In addition to these basic freedoms, we have developed certain practices that set us apart from the competition.